The Del Ray Zen meditation group came together in 2011 to provide space and time for simple meditation practice for residents of Del Ray and nearby neighborhoods. We welcome meditators from any background and every level of experience, from beginner to bodhisattva.

  We emphasize a commitment to the practice of sitting meditation (zazen) every day as a way to deepen connection with our true nature and to actualize it clearly in our work and daily activities.

  If you would like to try sitting with us, or have questions or comments, you can join us virtually on weekdays, in person or virtually on Saturday mornings,  or use the Contact page to send us a message.


How we're dealing with Covid-19 

As our neighborhood emerges from the worst (we hope) of the pandemic, we have resumed some in-person activities, including our Saturday morning meditation, service and conversation. To continue protecting  our members and the public at large, we ask that all participants wear masks, and stay home if experiencing any symptoms. We continue to offer virtual zazen at the regular Saturday morning time and weekday mornings. New meditators are welcome to join us at any of these times.  For further information and links, click here.