Public instruction and practice

We meet every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning in a second-floor meditation space on Mt. Vernon Avenue. Anyone interested in our practice is welcome to join us there. 

  The Wednesday session is mostly silent, beginning at 8:30pm and ending at 9:00 with a brief chant. If you are joining us for the first time, please come by 8:15 so one of us can provide you with brief instructions for zazen, the Zen meditation form, as well as the specifics of our Del Ray zazen  sessions. Others will be setting up the room with meditation cushions, etc.

On Saturdays we begin sitting at 7:30am; again, if you're coming for the first time, please get there by 7:15.  Saturday zazen begins with the ringing of a bell, and lasts 30 minutes, ending with a brief service and chanting. We then reset the room before adjourning to a nearby café where we occupy a big table to talk about our experiences and learn more about each other. 

  There is no charge for the zazen gathering, though donations are welcome. And you'll have to pay for your own drinks and food at the discussion table.

2402 Mt. Vernon Avenue

Alexandria, VA 22301

-- second floor --